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I Would Have ALL of Them

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I'd want Edwards and Alice's power and maybe Janes to... LOL..
me to Edwards Alice and Janes
<33 jasmine
mind control!! LOL=D
i would have mind reading
I would have Alice's and Edwards and maybe Bella's and Jane's
I'd like to have Kate's ability.
i think i would read everyones mind and i would also fall in with a human being
Can see the future, hear thinking, strong smell powers.. I think..
i would want bellaz power.
All of them but, may be, specially Edward's and Bella's powers.
I would want Edward's power and Jasper's.
If I was a vampire I would want the be a Shield... Not just from the mind tricks of others but from everything another vampire can do to another... That way I can always protect the ones I love... Mind reading would be fun but I think hearing everyones thoughts ALL THE TIME would get on my nerves... If I was a shield from all powers I think to even have something like Jane also would be fun... That way I can protect and cause harm!


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