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I Would Have ALL of Them

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no thing...becouse i have my own
I would like to have Carlisle's compassion. Just imagine all the lives he's touched with that gift.
so very true!!! I never really looked at it as a power but it does make since... He is a vampire and is 2000% sure he doesn't want to kill inesent lives he in fact helps lives!
right edward did say his compassion intesified coming into his life. I totaly think it is a gift; that he has enough that he can save lives and change the ones who would have died otherwise.
i think i would have all of em lol
I think i would have Edawrd's Alice's Renesmee's and... maybe... Bella's too. lol
Maybe Kates and Maggies powers, too. being able to shock people and know if someone is lying to me sounds very helpful right about now.


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