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so my friend hit me up today on facebook to ask if she could read the books i have for twilight and i told her that was fine she said she didnt really like the movie to much but it was ok.. anyways this guy kept commenting on the conversation between me and her about how twilight is for hormonal teenagers...

so i commented back to him letting him know that there are things in the books that i dont think i would let my young teenager daughter read if i had one.. being it get a little spicey in the last two books.. and he told me to grow up and get out of fanisity land how rude...... what im asking is how many of you on here are guys that are in tot eh saga.....????????????

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I dont care what people say about me or my habits or obsessions. I am what I am. I guess Im more of a let them talk kind of person. I know others arent like me and it bothers them. It reminds me of bullying. Ignore it will go away. if that doesnt stop them unleash
I have 3 kids, granted they're young [3,2 and 3 months] but i will not let them read the books until they're old enough to actually understand the sexual tension between Edward and Bella. My kids do however love watching the movies

Oh and I'm almost 28
Go mel! I totally think that the books shouldn't be hidden. I dont have kids but if i ever do, i wont restrict twilight. It is pure, and clean and it is about true love! I think it sets a good example cuz edward and bella were graduated from high school and married when they...did it... and the book was very undescriptive. I love the saga and agree with mel.
im glad that i got a lot of feed back on my comments of this all.... but i think some of you took it the wrong way.. i wasnt look at people bashing other people i just wanted thoughts.... everyone has good points... but please not one person is wrong here..... thank you all... i just was upset that someone would put me down for reading very enjoyable books.... i just thought you would like like to know what some people thought about the whole thing
i dont think reading the comments you have envoked that anyone is bashing (as you put it) anyone else...its just voicing opinions. no one has the right to tell anyone else what to do or how to parent...its simply an opinion and sometimes listening to others can open your mind and make you see things differently. if you dont have children then maybe when you do you will see things slightly differently...maybe you wont....the way you parent is up to you....just dont close your mind to the wealth of knowledge that is out there and how quickly kids pick things up without you ever telling get in there first and tell them the right way...thats all im and respect should never be hidden or ashamed of.


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