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so my friend hit me up today on facebook to ask if she could read the books i have for twilight and i told her that was fine she said she didnt really like the movie to much but it was ok.. anyways this guy kept commenting on the conversation between me and her about how twilight is for hormonal teenagers...

so i commented back to him letting him know that there are things in the books that i dont think i would let my young teenager daughter read if i had one.. being it get a little spicey in the last two books.. and he told me to grow up and get out of fanisity land how rude...... what im asking is how many of you on here are guys that are in tot eh saga.....????????????

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well speaking as a mother of four kids, a teenage daughter to i would never let my children read the saga until they were at the appropriate age in fact i have hidden the books,but anyway i am 31 years old and i love the twilight books and the movies so as far as them geing for hormonal teens i don't think that is the case. just my two cents
Yeah, I wouldn't let my kids read them either. I have 2 young boys (6 and 3), but if they ever are interested, I would not allow it until they probably 16 at least... I'm 28 and love them though :)
oh dear god, im a mother of 2 girls in there early teens and they have read and re read the whole saga ...what does hiding the books acheive other than making them think that love and romance is something dirty ...the books are so pure and there is no filth or explicit sex scenes at all...the books are gentle and show the love of two people. my girls loved it and so did i for that matter. guys are jelous and slag the series off because they know they are not up edwards standards and never will be. thats why they slag them off. they are not aimed at teens stephanie wrote these as an adult it was her dream that inspired them.
if your hiding simple and basic love stories you better stop your kids watching romeo and juliet when they get to senior school,,,and then what about all the more explicit lyrics in some songs ..i mean what you gonna do ..coverer there eyes and there ears...wrap them in cotton wool...sorry but this makes me mad, let your kids learn the right way to love a person coz if you dont teach them they WILL learn it but from maybe a another source not so pure the internet,
these books should never be hiden away put them out on display and be proud to love them.
HOORAY...someone who talks some sense...thank you!
my whole problem is my 10 year old niece read the last book adn start asking some question what they werent bad but i think at her age she still a little to young to start knowing about sex. she knows the difference between boys and girls and shes knows where babys come from. but have to explain to her what they are doing i think thats a little over board. i do agree with you though. but to a point. i agree with monitoring what i kids watch and read and listen to but always allow them to make a choice as well...
i dont count a ten year old as a teen....or hormonal. But i think its fine for a 12 year old teen or 13 year old teen to read the twilight saga!
I'm sure that she'll learn worse things in school than she will from The Twilight Saga.
I'm a teen and i agree with mel. I was 9 when my mom let me read them. Why wouldn't someone let their kids read such a good book. I mean really! Aparently my mom is a great mom if she let me read the books.
Im there whith you mel. There isnt anything in the saga that is worth hiding except a story about true love. My parents didn't hide things from me, well except explicit stuff (porn) I could watch what ever I wanted except that. Hell kids learn more about sex these days from their friends.
I agree with Mel! I'm no mom, but I think there is nothing unappropriate in these books. It is written so good, and it shows just pure love from it's very beggining. If any teenager wants to know whats love should be like I
reccomend reading the saga.
The way Steph described every love moment between Bella and Edward is just so simple and enough.... :))
When my lil girl reach teenager i'll let her read the books but not as early as not even reaching 10 years old, Saga is not for children...even 12 maybe 14 but still young for me lol...16 or 17 my ideal age for my daughter to read i think.

If your friend said to you that way then maybe you should also tell him straightly how awful his words are and to have some respect from a Twilight Fan He must also act like a real grown up to deserve something nice attitude from you.
i think you will find that sex education is high on school agendas all over the world now and to leave it until 16 or 17 is slightly nieve of you. your daughter will probably learn the wrong things from her friends if you dont step in and teach her early right from an early age that sex and love go hand in hand and are between consenting adults and not something dirty to be avoided, we are not in dickensian times teenage pregnancy is on the rise and the kids ask more questions than ever and if you as the parent cant talk to your kids then someone else will and they may not teach them the way you would like. im open with mine and answer any questions with honesty and open mindedness. its the only way to be i think. and this saga has a rather beautiful way of opening the discussion. sex in marriage and respectful relationship...wheres the harm in knowing that???


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