The Twilight Saga

Hey guys.

I'm Cole, and Cole is a little lost at how to use the site.

Any wise people up for giving me a little help?

Much love.


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Nothing in particular. I just don't really know how to use the site, etc. Thanks for this. :)
Um, I think I've got the hang of that kind of stuff, you know? Its just about like what kind of groups I can get into, how to get more friends and stuff. :)
Okay. Thanks kid. :)

How to make friends - Start by posting on discussions and groups and you'll find people who have similar interests to you. The sites going to be going through a rule change in a couple of days so a lot of people are talking about that at the minute. If your a Twihard you should check out the Twilight Novels discussions. There are some very insightfull topics started there!


Also this site doesnt just have Twihards. There are lots of us who read the books but no longer like them or no longer like all aspects of them (we stick around for friends, love of particular characters, fan fiction etc ) so dont be shocked if not everybody is gushing about Twilight. Antis / sane fans (as they are generally known) mainly hang out in the off-topic / entertainment discussion sections though :)


Heres some discussions I have started that might interest you:






Join groups that interst you and join in the discussions that are in the individual groups :)


Read the guidelines before you post and your good to go XD


I hope I've helped XDDD

Thanks so much!!! <3
Welcome. You can add me as a friend if you want.
Oh, thankyou Bianca! I will.
Why would you think that?
Who did you ask and what did you ask?
Are you talking to me? Because Cole is a dude.
Sweetie, if you think I'm mad at you, I'm not! I'm just still trying to get used to how to work this thing. xD
Oh, thankyou hun!<3


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