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I wrote a new fanfiction! It's called, "In Sickness and in Health" and it is about Bella getting sick and Edward taking care of her. Please read it if you get a chance! Leave Me A Review!!!!!!

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Wow!!! The chapter was great! I'm sure that Edward would do the same thing in Stephanie's oppinion. It seems that I'm your first fan and I hope the No. 1 :)) I can't wait for the next chapter ( if it is one). And you're right: You must read the book (which is 1000 time greater that the movie) to be just a little Twilight fan :)) P.S. Greatings from all the Twilight fans from Romania ;)
Hahaha thanks! If you scroll down I have the first 3 chapters posted. But I am going to post it here in the fanfic group!
Oh.... What can I say?!?!?!?! Thank you! :))

Thats actually great! Well done!

Why don't you post this story as a discussion in the group Fanfiction on this site?  I am sure peple will very soon start following your story.

Good idea! Thanks for the suggestion

OMG!!! i love it!!! I really like how you added the part with Emmet, It was very cute.

P.S. Thxs alot!!!

BTW why don't you pick out your fav parts of the movies or books and make a fanfiction about them? I bet we would all love to hear more.

Loved it! PLEASE write more!

hey renesmee they are right cant wait for the other chapters keep me posted :)


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