The Twilight Saga

This is a place for all the new members to introduce themselves to the other members.


Noodles gave me inspiration to make this discussion and I think it's a really good idea. This way there is no need to start your own discussion just to let people know that you are new and would like to have some friends.


Just tell us something about yourself, why you became a member of Team Edward, why you like the saga, ... anything you want to share. But remember that this is still an online site, so be carefull with the information you share.


Welcome and Enjoy!

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 Hi my name is collette I discovered the novels last year and in the space of four days had read all four books having taken my partner to the shop and demanded he buy me the last two, he thinks I,m mad and a woman of thirty five really shouldnt like teenage stuff ha! . As I explained to him everyone loves a love story no matter their age and a good book is like a door to another world where we can escape to when life becomes a bit of a drag. I love books and have always been a fang fan my favourite charachter on sesame street when I was a kid was the counting I guess finding twilight was fate x

Hi my name is Tamara and I'm 17 years old. I live in Australia Melbourne and I love animals. I have 7 pets altogether. I used to have 10 but they passed away. I now have 4 dogs, 2 rabbits and 1 guinea pig. My guinea pig is called Dude because he looks like a totall dude. He is 4. My rabbits are called Cookie and Milkshake and they are both brothers and also at the age of 4. My dogs are called Bonnie, Sootie, Angel and Benji. I named Benji after the benji movies because when he was little he looked exactly like Benji. Bonnie is 14 years old and still going strong, Sootie, Angel and Benji are all 4 years old and are brothers and sisters. My past pets names were Spirit which was my other guinea pig that died at the age of 4. She was the runt of the litter which ment she didn't have a strong heart but I know she had a stong soul. She was the most prettiest guinea pig I have ever seen and was Dude's brother. My past dogs names were Lillie and Cuddles. Cuddles died at the age of 16. He was the most loyal animal in the world. Lillie was a funny one. She would always make me laugh. When she was little she got adoped by a family of 2 boys. They treated her badly so the mother of those 2 boys brought her back to the pet shop. My mother saw her that pet shop and just had to have her. She was never the same dog though, when ever you held her she would be stiff as a a board and would always shake. If those boys had never adoped her, she would be a completely different dog, but all the same i loved her for what she was and still do even if she has passed.


Anyways, back to me again. I am on Team Edward, also obsessed with Twilight. My first obsessed was the Jonas Brothers but when i read the Twilight books I was hooked haha. I have 2 brothers at the age of 28 and 25. My fav band is RED and Owl City and I love the beach. I write poem and one day I want to be a writer of fiction. Also I find the most beatiful thing I have found in life if the sky. haha. Well I think thats about it. Thanks for reading about me.


P.S: I'm also in love with Chocloate hehe ;)

Hi, my name is Kailee Faith Zito. Im 11 years old and i live in Northwestern Ohio. I have 3 dogs, 2 bunnies, 1 goat, 1 rooster, there are two stray cats that live around my house, and 1 horse. I live with my parents and a younger bro and sis. I joined this site/group a couple months ago, but only amd 1 friend on this group. i hate justin bieber and love twilight and harry potter.

Hi myy name is Dejanique i am 12 years old. I just love twilight, right now im watching breaking dawn a big Edward Cullen fan


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