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This is a place for all the new members to introduce themselves to the other members.


Noodles gave me inspiration to make this discussion and I think it's a really good idea. This way there is no need to start your own discussion just to let people know that you are new and would like to have some friends.


Just tell us something about yourself, why you became a member of Team Edward, why you like the saga, ... anything you want to share. But remember that this is still an online site, so be carefull with the information you share.


Welcome and Enjoy!

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hello to all name is tonya live in pittsburgh pa. and just wanted to let everyone that is on here writing stories to please keep me posted... i love to read new things and have been looking at some of the stories and u all are really gift so please keep me up to date that way i can enjoy ur talents and share my thoughts thanks so safe and keep up the good work
Welcome Tonya!!

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Hello Tonya and welcome


My name is Kiz and I'm from Idaho.  I am a 35 year old Twilight addict who is Team Edward all the way.  I have a loving, protecting, sensitive husband whom I am deeply in love with and I think that is what draws me to Edward.  He even sort of looks like the Edward I have envisioned in my head that is described in the book.  I know it sounds silly. . .but I want to be honest.

I am sort of clutsy like Bella, and don't seem to 'fit' anywhere.  So I think that is another draw to the Team Edward side. 

I've read the book about 7 times each and Eclipse is my favorite.  I like 'Breaking Dawn' until Edward started calling Bella, 'Love' and for some reason, that bugged me.

I am glad to 'meet' you all, wherever you are from.


Hi Kiz!

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I live in India, I'm 15,and the Twilight bug bit me in 2010. I absolutely love the books, and it's impossible to pick a favourite out of the four.
I think of myself as a drab person, because I don't keep up with trends and I hate being shallow. I have very few friends, because I tend to choose them carefully.
I love to draw and paint, I love to read and I love being lost in thought. My choice of books is not restricted in anyway, so I read almost anything. But I mostly prefer classics. I hate romance, I've always hated it and I still do, but I don't count Twilight in the "typical romance" category. I love Dracula, I think Bram Stoker is absolutely brilliant.

I hated all the other "vampire romances" out there. I feel all of them lack the brilliancy that Twilight has.
Before Twilight, I was a Harry Potter fan, but I was not as enthusiastic. I read the books, watched the movies and I mostly kept my slight obsession to myself.

Edward is my favourite character, closely followed by Carlisle, Bella, Rosalie and Charlie.
I love him because his character is so deep and vivid. It's fun peeling away his layered personality and exploring the depths inside. He always carries around his goodness like an aura. I'm very defensive of his vulnerability, and I respect his wisdom and innocence. I know he's not perfect, I shake my head at those who think so, but those little flaws make him the character he is. I tend to look past his good looks and grace because those are not the things I would normally look for in a person. The same thing is applicable to the characters I read about, as well.

Sorry if this seems too boring an introduction. To finish off, I extend my greetings to each and every Twilighter. :)
Welcome Snow and Drizzle!
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Hi My name is Paris AnthonyMasen Cullen 

The reason why I became  a member of TE is b/c i am totally obssesed and love edward. If i was in Bella shoes I would totally feel the way she feel about him. His Hott Sexxyy Smart Kind Compassionate. There are so many words to describe him. Edward Cullen is his self. Hes the man everyone wants in there life. I love the saga because it tells about a teenager who come to a new place dont know anyone and is alone. she is clumsy, but arent we all? When she see edward its like a love connection two worlds come together and they just fall for each other. A vampire-human couple madly in love with each other. Its amazing then they have the cutiest little baby and its like WOW i wish edward cullen was real in my world.


Welome Paris douglas Thomas Pattinson


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Hey Ineke its really a very good idea... 

Hi guys.. This is Sreya n I'm from India... I am 21 years old.. Just going to leave the college... I just love reading different kinds of book( specially different kinds of love story) n love to watch movies n love to listen to good music... I like Enrique n Bryan Adams..I don't like watching horror movies either.. Once I watched a horror movie n I couldn't sleep at night for a month or more.. Though Twilight is full of monsters but its not about the horror.. Its all about love.. Thats y I couldn't resist it watching n reading... I like Edward because he is really very sweet loving n caring... Though in his opinion Bella was selfless but I think he is selfless too.. Thats y I joined this group... Guys I don't have any friend here yet.. I would like to have some or all of u as my friend... :-)

Welcome Sreya Cullen!

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Hi guys. >./p>

My names Cole, and I'm seventeen. I'm origionally from NYC, but live in Wales, UK. I'm bisexual, and embrace all walks of life. I study Drama + Art at college part time, and also work in different places, kinda taking whatever work I can get. I dance, and play the guitar and drums. I've not been in a committed relationship in 2 years, and sorta kinda getting bored of the single pringle life, but powering through. I do a lot of LGBT walks and demonstrations. I volunteer at a Friends or Relatives of LGBT people group, so if there's anyone out there who's confused, needs someone to talk to, needs help or advice, add me. I'm here to help + listen. I've been through a lotta crap, so I might know what you're going through. Oh, and I'm a Team Edward & Jake fan (oh no, what is the world coming to!?) 'coz I feel that they're both major parts to the story, and Bella needs both of them in her life. So I find it hard to pick. Oh, and 'coz RPattz is a total hottie, but Mr Lautner is more my type. <3 Thanks guys.


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