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ok so i was watching twilight again last night and i always thought it was funny how uncomfortable jasper looks all the time lol and i thought about it and realized OMG HE SOOO REMINDS ME OF EDWARD SCISSORHANDS..the look they both have and the stiffness lmao is is just me????

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No it's not just you he soooo does look like him but in a {I'm in so much pain i can't stand it kinda way} Susprised look!
ya he does but jasper makes it look good :-)
hmm....I can't agree with the face but they do have the ame expression. i have never seen edward scisorhands but i have seen ads.
yes he does lol.
no i think it's jasper not you.
Oh wow I never realized that your right.
r they the same actor??
No Johnny Depp played Edward Scissorhand.
I think they could have picked a better Jasper.
HAHA! I couldn't stop laughing whenever I look at Jasper in the movie especially when they said he looks like in so much pain. He seriously seems like he can't breathe and is stuck in some invisible rope or something...
You are soooo right!!! Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) is such a hottie!!


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