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All I want to know is if Robert and Kristen are over? I'm not sure to trust the magz I'm reading because they do lie sometimes. Please tell me that Robert has not moved on to some other girl? I love them being together but I'm scared of the truth. Can someone tell me what is really going on here??



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We do not know.


Does it matter?

it does to me

Well, we shall know... after some time.

they didn't even annouce that they were dating in the first place.

but if they werein fact dating, and they DID in fact break up, then good for Robert!

where they ever really together?...

they may visit each other, but that doesn't necessarily make them a couple, they could just be really good friends.

and no one is hating on them...that doesn't even make sense. until they verbally say that they are a couple or engaged -and not from a magizine, or celebrity news show- people can believe whatever they want. mute point.

why in the world are you getting so damn defensive!? nobody knows if they're dating or not. and actually it's nobody damn business if they are! it's nice that you want them to be together so desperately, but goodness! calm down. I don't see how them dating or not dating is going to effectyour life at all.

i just want to know cause them dating is like a fairy tale out of a book though their both human and the world doesn't seem so crappy to me if they were still together

yeah, I diddn't mean you, I meant the person above me :)

are so many rumors!!! they dating or not but i think they has somethink special together! i wish they are 

couple but only theirs know it?


Nobody knows if they are together, not together or what. they will not confirm one way or the other. their are some who think they know, but don't. we do not know. mags say what ever to get people to buy. don't believe everything you see or read. in fact rob made the comment that it is no-one's !@$#%#%$% business. He just wants everyone to leave them alone. if they are great, if not oh well.
sorry I'm really late, but what do you mean by 'Bella's replacement'???


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