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ok ladies i dont know how many of us are older and and i dont know how many are younger but is it wrong for us older wemen to want to be apart of this? is it wrong to want to jump in the book and be apart of it? please tell me why or why not

hey ladies did you catch that she really wrote the book for her seld at the age of 29 and she said she didnt wrie it in the being for the young people. so ladies we are by no mean wrong for getting our selves wrapped up in the books. so all you young girls who thought she wrote the books for teen your all wrong :)

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It is most definitely not wrong! I am a stay at home mom of four and I love these books. I wish I could jump in there myself and have often daydreamed of being a vampire in their world. Hey, sometimes you need a break from reality and if this does it for you why not? I mean hello, who wouldn't want to suck necks and faces with Edward? I know I would!
I would become a vampire in a New York Minute for Edward-no doubt!!!!
Could not agree with you more - especially the last bite....sorry
dont we all wish that we could have the body that we might have had at 17 and stay there for the rest of our lives
that would be real nice
You got that right babe!! I'd settle for having been turned in my mid twenties though :D
I'll be 30 next year and I just love Twilight. So it is not wrong one bite. I guess you can get yourself involved to much. But you just cant help it. I just got into the whole Twilight saga thing a few months back. Befor that I have to say I didnt like Twilight at all I told myself I would never watch it. Naw I saw the movie how many times. I cant count anymore. LOL
I read all the books already. It didnt take me long. I just couldnt put the books down. I started New Moon first and then I read Twilight last. I also have a few other books that tell the story a little bite more. I also have a few books on Rob.
it has been a month since i got all caught up in the twlight saga and like i told the last girl it was my daughter that got me ready this book and i had watched the movie twlight first. so when i started to read the book i felt i didnt have to read the first book so i started with newmoon and went from there. but wanted more so i read the twlight book too. boy was i wrong it was so didnt from the move. my daughter cant stand the fact that i read them faster then she did. she just now starting eclipse and i have been finished for a min now.
Same here, all my sisters and mom read all the books before Twilight came out. I always told them, "I am not reading a book for teenagers about Vampires!" But I did just so I could go to the movie with them, and I think I'm more into it then the rest of them!!! I have read the books 3 times now and I watch Twilight almost every Sunday while my kids are napping since it came out on DVD. So A lot!!!
I am older and I don't think it is wrong. The Twilight story seems to be reaching across all generations from what I understand. Girls, I love edward just as much as you do, and he could be my son!!! I am a true-blooded Twi fan and will be forever!!! Tell me, is there any of us who would not want an Edward (or Jacob) in our lives??? I would love to meet a man like Edward who would show me the love, respect, and honor that he does for Bella. He has a heart of gold.
Is there any guy on this earth like Edward? I would love to meet him! :(
Well yes and I snag him already!
I was lucky enough to find a good balance between Edward and Jacob in my husband. I wish for every woman on earth to be as lucky as I am.
I am not showing off I just want all your ladies to know that there are men like Edward and Jacob. So don't settle - snag the one you want! :)
Good on you. Very happy for you!!


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