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ok ladies i dont know how many of us are older and and i dont know how many are younger but is it wrong for us older wemen to want to be apart of this? is it wrong to want to jump in the book and be apart of it? please tell me why or why not

hey ladies did you catch that she really wrote the book for her seld at the age of 29 and she said she didnt wrie it in the being for the young people. so ladies we are by no mean wrong for getting our selves wrapped up in the books. so all you young girls who thought she wrote the books for teen your all wrong :)

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ABSOLUTELY NOT! You're not dead yet and I am sure you have feelings go with them. Have fun!!!
Nothing at all wrong. I guess you could say im in between young and old... I'm only 21... i have read all four books twice and am working on reading the second for the third time before the movie comes out. We can't help what we want to read, and what we love. :)
I'm also a mother of four and have always dreamed of being a vampire and I can't get enough of the story and Edward. I love the way the love story is written and I only hope they do the books justice when Belle and Edward finally let go and give in to the lust. Make the movie rated R if they have too....
I agree! lol but then what would all the teens do... Maybe they should make 2. one for adults one for teens >:D
I WAS THINKING THIS! I hope they rate it R so we can actually see the raw passion that you read in the book!
OH God NO!

I am 26 and I had no idea it was for teens when I got into it. I have read the series 5 times and I've read Twilight, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn 12 times. I am completely absorbed by Twilight. I wondered what the fuss was about, caught 20 or so minutes of the movie at a friend's house, bought the book and I was HOOKED. I don't care about the teens...I LOVE It and I can't get enought of it! My grown butt bought my ticket to "New Moon" Oct 20 (Dork!) I am so excited and I am in LOVE!

& Thank You for this...I only "know" 2 other people my age who love Twilight as much as I do...I felt kinda weird being so in love w/something that teenagers are crazy about. But the book is sooo passionate and sexy, I had no clue it was for teens.
I agree it's weird to be so in love with something my kids are into but I look at it like this... When I was their age Johnny Depp was the heart throb and now my kids think he is too. He was ours first so that means they can share Twilight with us...
i am 33 and was thinking that same thing. I felt really stupid for getting so involved emotionally in these personalities of edward and bella. That is good that it isn't just a teeny bop book series because i am so wrapped up in it and would to feel the way that she does and just because i am 33 doesn't mean i shouldn't feel that way right?
Not only the last part of what you wrote, but it's a book for crying out loud. (the most amazing book ever.) I completely understand older women wanting to be right in there with Edward holding them. Edward wouldn't mind either because he was more than willing to live with Bella as she grew old!
I am 30 (ouch still struggling with it!!lol) stay at home mum, I love the saga. I got given the first two book for mothers day this year (brought by my hubby on behalf of my children he thought of it all on his own (Lol) i think he is now regretting that decision!!), I finished new moon and rushed out to buy eclipse and breaking dawn, I could not find breaking dawn, then I discovered it in the CHILDRENS section I could not believe it no way did I think these were childrens books. Brought it and that book is most def not for children. As stephine said she wrote the books for herself and as we are closer to her age I think we have every right to want to be apart of it and love it and to fall for Edward after all he is 90 plus really!!
Of course it's not wrong! I'm 19 and i believe that books are for everyone! i plan to still be reading Twilight when i'm 60!!!! The twilight books are about love so to say they are only for teens is saying love is only for teens!! And we all know thats not true!
i totally agree, i got my 60 yr old mom to watch the movie with me, i think i could get her to read the book too. But the biggest reason i don't think that this is much of a teen book is because of the choice of words. I have a 16 yr old and she doesn't understand a lot of the things that are said in there. She is always asking what something means so that is a good thing too. I love the books and i have found myself writing my own vampire love story...It is obviously a work in


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