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ok ladies i dont know how many of us are older and and i dont know how many are younger but is it wrong for us older wemen to want to be apart of this? is it wrong to want to jump in the book and be apart of it? please tell me why or why not

hey ladies did you catch that she really wrote the book for her seld at the age of 29 and she said she didnt wrie it in the being for the young people. so ladies we are by no mean wrong for getting our selves wrapped up in the books. so all you young girls who thought she wrote the books for teen your all wrong :)

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well girls i am 53 and just love them and will always, have seen first two movies and read all 4 books and cant wait til the 3rd movie comes out, i will be first in line,
In my opinion it is wonderful that older women and younger women enjoy the books. I can relate to the books on a personal level and it makes me happy that other people from all age groups can as well, that we all have common ground, our love for the saga. I think the books are different for everyone. As a fourteen year old yes reading them probably isn't the same to me as to say a 20 year old or a 40 year old because of the differences in life experience and emotional maturity but it probably wouldn't be the same as even another 14 year old because we're all different. The thing about twi-hards is that were all bonded by one similar factor our love for the books. So I say no matter what your age is, wether or not your married or single, wether or not you have kids or are one I think that we all have an equal right to read and enjoy the books. Because honestly who doesn't love a story that has romance, intrigue, suspence, and emotion. It's a story, a great one, and everyone should be allowed to read it and love it without being teased or ridiculed.
Of course it's not wrong for older women to want to be a part of the Twilight experience!!! Last time I checked there was no age limmit to reading books!!! I'm 19 years old and I'm totally okay with older women being a part of this!! I mean haven't you heard of the Twilight moms??? The people who think this way, they are the ones with the problem!!


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