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HEY new moon is coming out on my Birthday :D and im having a sleepover, is anyone else doing this?

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...that's a very nice gift for you...... advance happy birthday!!! it's very disappointing that i'm not having a sleepover...
Thanks :)
While it is coming out on my birthday, I get to have Date Night with my niece!!!! We are going to the midnight show and then I get to spend the weekend with my 3 sisters and my mother! NO KIDS!!!! Then my niece and I get to see it again on Sunday afternoon!!! I can hardly wait!
im not lucky enough to have the movie released on my birthday but its close enough my birthdays on the 26th novemebr and i have tickets for the 20th with my m8 and tickets for 26th as mum wants to watch it too!
no my birthday is in april.... but if my birthday was on nov. 19/ nov. 20 i would soooooo be happy a sleepover party and going to the premiere! that would be sooooo awesome!


My b-day is on the 18th. My lil bro got me advance tickets for a gift. He's so sweet..:P It's gonna be me and four girlfriends, that's my party..........Happy Birthday to us November babies..
No my B-Day was earlier. But Happy early B-Day.
oh your sooo lucky !!!! my b-day is 10 days after!!! :( i am watching it with my friends for a party tho lol
my birthday's on the 17th but new moon would be shown in our area on nov. 20... but still, it's the best bday gift for me, i guess! happy birthday november babies!
Its coming out on me and my boyfriends 5 year anniversary lol, i brought he a ticket for a prezzie. I wish it was my bday, its 11 days before it comes out :) late prezzie
It's close. My birthday is the 8th of november. But i'm glad it's in the same month. Yay. Can't wait for
New Moon :)


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