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is rob going to be cast as edward when midnight sun is turnd into a movie

after i heard that ms.meyer is going to finsh midnight sun(edwards point of view of the storie) i thought to my self r rob and the rest if the cast r going to be in it or no well for taylor lautner (jacob black) well he is only 20 he might be still up for it but rob he is 26 is he still going to edward or is he to old for it and if he is not will be the same with out him and who could posbly replase thats a lote of questions i wuold like to know ur ipnion obout

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I do hope the cast comes back.I could not see anyone else playing them.It would not be the same without them.Tracy

it would be great to have the original cast, but all of them are older and who knows how long it will take for her to finish the book and then have a movie even started. The would have to litterly start now to probably keep the originals. I am looking forward to actually getting to read the rest.

it okay,calm down.Midnight Sun is the same thing as Twilight just by Edwards point of veiw,and since it pretty much the same thing as Twilight ,I really dought they will make a movie on it.Trust me i will be really suprised if they do a movie on Meyer does not have a deadline on the finishing of Midnight Sun,But she is working on it,and its okay if Rob is a little to old to play Edwards role,they won't replace him,the people are not that stupid and they have everythig they need to make Rob look as young as Edward for that role if it does come down to another just calm down,Relax,your worries are needless.

I don't think it will be made into a movie. I was just pointing out all it would take to even try to use the original. Now it would be awesome if they add it to Twilight release on the ten year anniversary. Having all of it there would be good but complicated. Oh well.


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