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My friend thinks that Bella has a bit of werewolf blood in her, because Renesmee is so similar to Jacob. I need answers people!

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I never said she was part wolf, just that they had the same chromosome count, thereby making them have some similar characteristics.
Not similar in looks, similar in other ways. Alice can't read them like others for example. It's all in the book.
Yes Jacob has 24 pairs chromosomes and so does Nessie because her father has 25 and her mother 23 so together they made a 24 it makes sense to me i read the books plenty enough to know
not true .....
no it isnt true the reason that alice cant see renesmee is that she has been a human and she has been a vampire so she can see their future she cant see renesmee's or jacobs future because she has never been a werewolf or a half vamp half human


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