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Please bear with me I'm new to this board and layout lol.

I was wondering, is it Robert Pattinson or the fictional Edward Cullen that makes your heart flutter with a desire to be bitten into imortality???

For me, it's Edward, wow, I never knew vampire's could be so desireable and sexy. I grew up watching the early black caped and fanged character's, Salem's Lot one of my fave movies as a teen but not obsessed with the ideal as I am now.

I'm just interested as I can't believe that at the ripe old age of 38 I have been 'bitten' by the bug that is Edward Cullen (and Carlisle), the beauty behind their pale skin and darkened eyes......ooooh makes this older lady quiver.

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Edward Cullen because he's the one we all know in that book :)
Edward :):)
of couSe it'S with the fictional Character... EDWARD CULLEN.... you know i really wiSh, and pray, that i would meet a guy like him..
Edward Cullen,,, of course

Because, I firmly believe that, although Robert did such a splendid job at his portrayal of Edward Cullen -- and he'll forever be "immortalized" as our Edward Cullen within our hearts, thus we ALL need that Edward Cullen!!!!!! However, Rob has gotten such a "lashing," as it were with his fan/ fan base. Now, I am not saying/ merely suggesting that ALL of you out there are doing this, but what I've personally seen from another actor's site * insert Sottish actor's name here * they're always like "... OMG... it's * again, insert Scottish actor's name here...." I totally respect if I'm about to be chewed out/ banned from this site... but I do have that personal option: This option is, is that Robert is flaming hot, and all else, absolutely do NOT get me dead wrong... however, he's JUST A PERSON!!!!!!! ATTEMPTING TO MAKE THAT HONEST LIVING IN PURSUING HIS ASPIRATIONS!!!!!!!! So, to end my lit'l rant... please don't gush over him, and make him all "godly-like" like, say that *insert Scottish actor's name here * that I was once apart of.

Thank You,

-- Kat Taylor
I knew Pattinson through Edward Cullen ... but I dunno why I feel that when they chose Robert to portray Edward they chose him cuz he IS Edward from some point of view.
Definately Edward, although Rob isn't too bad either (but I liked him more as Cedric).
Edward of cz.... We know Edward well, but we don't know Robert... Well Robert is also too irresistable....
im obsessed with both :)

i like edward and i do really admire rob ♥♥
Before i get to my choice.....

Reasons to pick Edward...
1 He's the perfect man.
2 You could live with him forever, through eternity.
3 He's the hottest vampire to ever walk the earth.

Reasons to pick Robert...
1 He's real! He may have human flaws, but he's a living, breathing guy who could wrap you in his warm embrace.
2 He's modest, polite and hasn't let fame go to his head: he's a down to earth good guy.
3 He's an incredibly talented actor.

So I pick Edward...for the forever part.
Don't forget to mention the funny, great sense of humour part....for both of them!
i'm sure there are a lot of things i didn't mention, but i tried to sum it all up. But you are absolutely right.


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