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Please bear with me I'm new to this board and layout lol.

I was wondering, is it Robert Pattinson or the fictional Edward Cullen that makes your heart flutter with a desire to be bitten into imortality???

For me, it's Edward, wow, I never knew vampire's could be so desireable and sexy. I grew up watching the early black caped and fanged character's, Salem's Lot one of my fave movies as a teen but not obsessed with the ideal as I am now.

I'm just interested as I can't believe that at the ripe old age of 38 I have been 'bitten' by the bug that is Edward Cullen (and Carlisle), the beauty behind their pale skin and darkened eyes......ooooh makes this older lady quiver.

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I connected with the character of Edward the minute I read Twilight! I read the first 2 books before all the furore over the movies started..... To be honest Rob isn't THAT different to the way I pictured Edward in my mind, but my Edward obviously had subtle differences.....

Now Rob is one fine looking man.... that isn't in dispute here.... I might be the wrong side of 30 but he is rather.... yummy. I had noticed this when he was in HP, but he isn't MY Edward Cullen... I'm hoping this makes sense?

So yeah the character Edward is my obsession.

Not that I would say No if Rob came visiting ;D
Both im obsessed with both but a little more with Edward
Edward. I fell in love with Edward before the movie was even a thought. Robert Pattinson did a nice job and I love looking at his face on my desktop. *grins* But, it's the idea of Edward that makes me crazy.

And hey, I'm older than you are.... doesn't matter what age we are on the outside. We're still women and I know I'm still around 25 on the inside...heck, sometimes I'm still 16! *laughs*

Once again --- EDWARD!
For me, it's Edward Cullen because no matter how hot Robert Patinson is and he's very hott!!!, the vampire is so much hoter because It's about more than looks or money he can make you fall for him without even trying! It's about the vampire who wants to good so he's not a monster, and the fact that he trys to be good even though he doesn't have to it's better that he thinks he is a soulless monster because everyone can see that he is as beatiful on the inside as he is on the outside. And thats more apealing then Robert Pattinson could ever be. NO OFFINCE TO ROBERT PATTINSON I STILL THINIK YOUR VERY HOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi one of the 'older' fans too. hehehe..
anywayz, this is a lil hard to answer for me coz i like rob and edward....drat.
but if i really have to pick one..i guess its edward. lolz
Edward... definitely :) ::dreamy sigh::
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.. :)
i think it is edward, because he is what the woman need! ;)
Edward, without doubt
the fictional edward is the one i love, robert portayed edward very well in the films and he is lovely to look at, but he wasnt as good as the edward i have in my head. i also thought roberts eyebrows were way too bushy in the film... lol why
both, actually. but more with EDWARD :D i just use rob as some sort of "face" for edward.


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