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Please bear with me I'm new to this board and layout lol.

I was wondering, is it Robert Pattinson or the fictional Edward Cullen that makes your heart flutter with a desire to be bitten into imortality???

For me, it's Edward, wow, I never knew vampire's could be so desireable and sexy. I grew up watching the early black caped and fanged character's, Salem's Lot one of my fave movies as a teen but not obsessed with the ideal as I am now.

I'm just interested as I can't believe that at the ripe old age of 38 I have been 'bitten' by the bug that is Edward Cullen (and Carlisle), the beauty behind their pale skin and darkened eyes......ooooh makes this older lady quiver.

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oh def edwar, the thought of that kind of perfct man keeps the faith alive for me that ill meet 1!! altho rob its lovely to look at 2 and i wouldnt turn him down ;)
MY OBSESSION IT'S WITH BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edward Cullen
rob turns me off when i see him in interviews and stuff, but rob does a very good part as playing edward
Edward...oh Edward how i wish you were real....
EDWARD CULLEN i loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

and i know my name says sharni louise pattinson i wrote it then realised i put pattinson rather than cullen and i cant change :(
My obsession is Edward Cullen!
Its like...wierd!
it feels like i know Edward sometimes because of how I talk of him and think about him, which is all the time! lol
it scares me sometimes bc I feel so strongly in love with a character whose not even real, not even mine but i act as if he is; when my boyfriend is right besides me and i dont feel the same way!
But in a way im not gonna fight this obsession bc i've never been so happy in my whole life!(:
Edward Cullen. coz i never thought vampires can be that perfect and beautiful!! <3
and the idea that they sparkles! :D
i would say edward because he's so inlove with bella and everygirl wants a guy that's devoted and protective over her but robert is handsome and goofy too so i say both!!=]
Its definitely Edward.... because he is everything a girl can wish for... at least everything that I could ever wish for.... he;s such a gentleman.... he's so intense....and not to mention so Hottt...! But I equally love Rob, cause he's the one who brought Edward to life. I'll always think of him as Edward. He is Edward in every sense of the word.
Didn't think much of Robert Pattinson until I saw the Twilight movie, still don't think that much of him ;) But Edward. Nom nom! Haha.

Come to think of it, Robert Pattinson no longer turns my stomach, but it's only the character of Edward that has sorted that out for me probably. Hated him as Cedric Diggory in the HP movies!
Finally someone who understands how I feel!
That's a hard question.
I'm totally obsessed with Edward, but that's because he is just really PERFECT. He is everything that everyone has always wanted and thanks to Stephenie Meyer, we actually "know" him now. He's the perfect man and I can't understand the people who don't like him because the things he says.. they look just too good to be true - which they are probably :p - and damn he really is smoking hot.
But Robert is really talented and without him we wouldn't look at Edward the way we do now. If he can play Edward so well, there must be a little part of Edward in him, no? He is a fantastic actor and his music is just "wauw", really I have no words for it. His music makes me feel free, it helps me escape all the problems for a moment. Another thing is that Rob actually is a really nice guy!! He's just as hot as Edward (duh) and I don't know.. he just has this mysterious thing..
I can't choose. They are both too good to be true. :p
Both. They both have a sort of tortured soul thing about them that I find irresistible.

I am obsessed with them in different ways though--Edward, I just dive into analyzing his character, what makes him tick, how he has arrived at his obviously deeply held beliefs, and the sheer impossibility of living and loving the way that he does--doing both with a combination of passion and restraint, the two sides of his nature being always at odds.

Rob I obsess over not just because he's mighty fine to look at but because he seems, in interviews and such, to be very down to earth, baffled by his sudden fame, and able to laugh at himself and the absurdity of the whole phenomenon--while always being respectful. I also like that, in most interviews I've seen with him where he actually talks about the character, he seems to grasp Edward on a very deep level, his motivations, his frustrations, etc. I would go so far as to say that when it comes to understanding Edward, I don't think anyone understands him better than Rob, except perhaps SMeyer herself.

It seems very important to Rob that he tries to capture something in Edward other than "gorgeous" and for that reason alone, I would be a little obsessed with Rob even if he weren't gorgeous himself. Because he seems to understand that what is really speaking to so many fans of the series is not Edward's impossible good looks, but everything that lies beneath the surface.


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