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From the previous discussions i know you totally loved BD pt.2. but i think that it didn't live up to the expectations of such a popular and awesome series. maybe they could do a film on Jacob and Renesmee's love story. i think they are not doing it because it would side-track the romance between Bella and Edward but then now they have become parents' they can show that how they shoulder the responsibilities with a fast-growing teenage girl who already knows her partner. and with Edward reading Renesmmee's  "hilarious" thoughts, the movie would be indeed an awesome ending. don't you think so?

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I agree.  It'd be very interesting to see how that plays out.  Maybe we should start a petition or something about Summit, Rob, Kristen, and Taylor about making one or two more.

also Mackenzie Foy.

I agree with you. If there was to be a movie that captured Jacob and Renesmee's love story is would be epic. The side tracking of Edward and Bella's romance might be an issue and I totally feel that way because there romance is cute as hell. Furthermore, if there was to movie then the ending would be epic.

also maybe they could show that how all the other vampires act on the issue. like they can show it is again illegal for a werewolf and a vampire to get together. and this time Edward and Bella leave Renesmee alone, cause they also think it's harmful. and Jacob and Renesmee run far away but end up dying like romeo and juliet!

I completely agree with that.  It won't be a good movie if it ended like that.  Besides, the treaty wouldn't be void because Nessie's only half vampire.  She's also half human.  She's also not venomous because her bites don't effect Jacob at all.

guys that'll be optional. it would make the viewers cry. don't you think so?

yeah i think Jake and renesmee should have their own movie too but with a mixture of Bella and Edward involved too!!!!!!!!

Edward and Bella would have to be involved.  They're her parents.  Besides, it'd be funny to see all of Edward's reactions to having a werewolf for a son-in-law.

told you so!

Stephenie should write another book so the movie can be based on it

I agree as well.

I have no interest about them.Their story seems boring - there are no development, they are already in connection, and, of course, I do not like Jacobs character.


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