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From the previous discussions i know you totally loved BD pt.2. but i think that it didn't live up to the expectations of such a popular and awesome series. maybe they could do a film on Jacob and Renesmee's love story. i think they are not doing it because it would side-track the romance between Bella and Edward but then now they have become parents' they can show that how they shoulder the responsibilities with a fast-growing teenage girl who already knows her partner. and with Edward reading Renesmmee's  "hilarious" thoughts, the movie would be indeed an awesome ending. don't you think so?

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I think that Mackenzie should still play young Nessie.  They'd just have to find someone to play adult Nessie.  The whole movie would be based on Alice's vision at the end of part 2.

Moviemakers ruined Edward&Bellas love story with increasing Jacob.

that's a total 100% rumor!

I agree with Elita

I think it'd just be a good idea to have a 'what happens next' movie. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I just wanted to know how Renesmee and Jacob continue, but also how Bella and Edward are getting on, how Charlie and Renee deal with Bella's transformation, stuff like that. Just one to tie up loose ends, y'know. It might be a bad idea, but... nice to think about, at least to me. :)

Can you please re-type it in simple english please?

Yes it would.I will most defintely go see it.


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