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I think Jacob Black looks soo much better with shorter hair at the end, because the long hair was getting a little weird. (I have OWD!!!! obsessive werewolf disorder) Well, i they are shape shifters.... but who agrees with me?!?!?!

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not as much as edward though!!! i still dont like jacob from twilight!
perfect. that is wat i sed on my profile
Well he is kind of cute but Edward is way hotter and sexier.
Team Edwardd all the way hunny .
If you are a Team Jacob then why are you in The Team Edward Discussion ? . . .
Team Jacob and Team Edward (but more team JACOB), because Jacob NEVER left and Edward technically left, but not all the way. In New moon, when carlisle and bella were talking while she was getting her stitches, carlisle said that edward beleived that he had no soul, and i inferred that he already left it with bella and bella gave him hers, so she had a "hole" in her chest. She only survived because she had a soul, but it wasn't hers. Another reason she still survived was because Edward never completely left, because he also left all the reminders of him under her floorboards, as he said. I am still WAY more team Jacob because, Jacob healed her from what Edward had done to her, and they have become like they were before bella came to forks, even closer really. Next time anyone asks you if you are team edward or jacob, think outside the box, and see all the possibilities that could happen, like I did.
it's true that Edward left, but he did it for her, he didnt leave because he didnt love her he left because he thought he was a danger to her. and jacob did leave her (when he became a werewolf).
in BD when Bella told him she wanted a real honeymoon he could've phased right there, in front of her, if Seth and Edward hadnt come. just like Sam and Emily.
when her heart stopped beating, who stayed? at first, they both did, but jacob surrendered ,unlike Edward, who tried everything he could to save her life.

Jacob is hot. but Edward is waaaaaaaaaaaay better.
Edward left because he was a coward that didn't take her thoughts into accord. He then goes back and tries to tell her not to spend time with the person who kept her alive when she was dying because of him? Edward is a little boy, obviously being 104 means nothing.
Tbh, Jacob is a lot hotter in new moon, but i'm still team edward!
Absolutely.... Jacob is sooo hot in New Moon... but definitely still team Edward ^o^
WELL i have to be honest he looks really good no ofence he beats edward
If you dont like edward then you need to get off this website. No offense but this website is ALL about Bella and Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Joking
I love it when he gets his hair cut he looks much cuter, but I dont like Kirsten's haircut.


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