The Twilight Saga

I think Jacob Black looks soo much better with shorter hair at the end, because the long hair was getting a little weird. (I have OWD!!!! obsessive werewolf disorder) Well, i they are shape shifters.... but who agrees with me?!?!?!

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he looks so hot and i like him a lot but i still like Edward more that jacob and I LOVE EDWARD.... edward is edward he can't be compare
I like him but he's just tooo young for me!!

Edward is GORGEOUS
Yeah he looks so much betr w/ short hair!
omg i totally agree and im team edward he is so fit an dont they look sooooo cute 2gether in his truck. x x

OMG! In the books I was soo sad when they cut Jacob's hair, but now I'm SO glad they did! Long hair does not suit Taylor, but short hair totally does! (I think one of my sisters' in love with him,lol. XD I hope she gets to meet him someday!) XD!!!!
I am team Swiss by the way! :3
Yeah, in my opinion he looks so much better with short hair...


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