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Will you keep the book of Jacob?
No, we will not keep. Eclipse is a good way to introduce the book of
Jacob, because in this film, we begin to move away from the
simple perspective of Bella. We will see that the newborns, the Volturi
... we're really starting to move away from its point of view alone. So
in Revelation, having the vision of Jacob on what will happen almost
naturally. We will also maybe you can share other points of view

We now know that the last album, "Breaking Dawn" will be divided into two films. Do you already know how you do it?
For me, there is a natural separation in the book. I do not know yet
exactly when we will stop in the first film, but in the first part of
the book "Breaking Dawn" Bella is human, just married and pregnant while
in the second part is a vampire and a mother. So somewhere in
this transition, there is a natural separation. But I do not know yet
exactly where it will be. It works.

To me this is such an important part of BD.  I  think she has ruined every movie. I wish they got another screenwriter.  I wonder how they will incorporate parts of that book into the movies.  What do you think?

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But Jacob's perspective is half the book! xD
What will they do? Show all of that from Bella's or Edward's perspective? :P
Jesus Christ even Nessie's birth is from his perspective!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that gonna be shown? :P
I thnk it will b 4m some1s Pov who knw,feel,saw n undrstd all the things whether it was from Bella's situatn or wht hapnd wth jacob..
who knows mayb it will all be from Bella's. It would have been nice for a change
That would be stupid...there is so much of the story that happens from his perspective. So many things worth touching on that shouldn't be ignored. Edwards pain, Edward hearing Renesmee, Jacob giving his permission, Jacob assuming his role as alpha, learning how to feed the baby....jeeze most of the key points in the story are in Jacob's POV. If there going to take all that out...then why even bother with 2 movies?
not to meantion the actual BIRTH of Renesmee!!!!!!
I agree with you about Melissa Rosenberg. I do not think she portrayed the movies correctly. With the exception of Twilight, both New Moon and Eclipse felt more about Jacob then the love between Edward and Bella. She also made Bella come across as hateful towards Edward whenever Jacob was around in Eclipse. I'm still hoping Melissa Rosenberg will get Breaking Dawn right since it will be 2 movies, and she will have more time.
MR does not respect the material so she definitely wont respect he fans... not only is she disrespecting the fans of the original story (and SM the creator of the story), in Eclipse she totally shows pure disrespect for Edward. why does she hate him so much!?!?!? She is going to destroy BD!

I went with a non twilight reader to watch eclipse again and she automatically was in awe of Jake.. bad acting and all, the way Taylor portrays Jake on screen is meant to woo the audience over to his side. the way Rob portrays Edward is meant to turn the audience off. I am most assured that was intentional and is the way MR would have it… But this just boggles my mind now since she is choosing to eliminate Jakes pov… I don’t get her.

When I watched the movie again just to be sure of how i felt... I remember having many moments of excitement and experiencing feeling of elation, but they were quickly snuffed out by all the inaccuracies, skewed character personalities, missing elements and insertions of MR's interpretation. all the cons outweigh the pros in my mind and sad to say, I hate it.

I hate that they replaced "trivial" scenes with feminist infused dialogue and sooo much of Riley’s back story... stick to the book MR. I love SM's Twilight Saga, not MR's interpretation.

MRs interpretation made Eclipse both mediocre and offensive.. MR butchered a perfectly amazing story and its well developed characters by portraying the characters inaccurately, cutting out important dialogue, and twisting scenes to deliver some sort of feminist message. Now she plans on changing Breaking Dawn into God knows what! SM made a fabulous story... why disrespect her that way by changing it?
Actually... I dnt knw tht if any1 can b better thn her or not... But i will say tht she was good in twilight bcz we have the same fill when we ends the movie n book.. And in newmoon I will say tht was garvej bcz tht was jst 2/3 of the book... Now abt eclipse i got some ppl saying tht whn they watchd NM they were Regreting 4 watching(Basicaly, me, cried the whole time bcz it feels me tht they RUINED twilight saga..)... BUT Eclipse made them happier nd itz the best..
So,.. Tht means she was not bad..

And We need to remember tht it is the Ending.. It will b so tough if u wanna get there feelings seperated.. Bt it wil b easy if we get tht ful thing from someones sight who is neutral and feel their feelings 4m heart and knw the all thngs...

This is my thinking..
But... I AM VERRY HAPPY.. Bcz I HATE JAKE.. Grrrr.. It mst hapn wth jacob fans bcz they need to knw hw we felt in New moon bcz of being Edwardless.. :-C
lol i missed edward so much while watching new moon lol
I'm completely confused. so basically that's why they are making 2 movies whether if they did 3 movies that would include all 3 books in breaking dawn.


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