The Twilight Saga

Would you be interested to follow Jacob & Nessie's story?

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YES very! XD!! <3
YES !!!!!!!! Absolutely :b
a wuld, itd b interesting 2 see how edward and bella actuallly handle a proper relationship between jake and nessie when shes old enuf. it made out they were all best friends at the end of bd, but im not that sure it would stay that way between edward and jake if a relationship happend
yeah it would be really interesting.
i just can't imagine how Edward could handle seeing the fantasies in Jacob's head that once were Bella but now his daughter, and it could be weird for Bella seeing her daughter kiss someone she kissed?
but it would be really interesting i don't think Jacob would want to become a vampire so i think he will keep phasing every now and then so he could stay the same age as Renesmee, it would be interesting to watch them have kids if they can!
it would be very interesting


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