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Would you be interested to follow Jacob & Nessie's story?

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It would be interesting to know their story ... it seems that Nessie is an immortal like others of her kind ... yet she has imprinted with Jacob, a werewolf and it is suspected that the wolves imprint to better the chances of keeping the gene alive and passed on the strongest for future generations .. now if Jacob gives up going wolf, he would age and die .. leaving Nessie alone ... also, would she be able to have children, the imprinting suggests yes ... but then what would they be? She is half human half vampire, throw Jacob in .. third human, third vampire, third wolf ... oh it would be a very interesting story to follow!
Yes indeed,,, it'll be so interesting ^o^
hell yeah they are really good points i have thought about all those and more i would love to read a book totally about jake and renesmee but they would have to include edward and bella though through sum of it it wouldnt make sence to just do a book about jacob and nessie and not include her parents but i would love to read it bring it i say we need to start a pertition and beg stephanie to consider another book
soooo interesting
Yeah :)
yes i would
Huh! wish I could.... so I can make lotsss of money like S. Meyer ^o^
yep, sure. anything to be in touch with edward and bella.
She should totally do another book where it follows them and then the Volturi come back for revenge or something and I know I'm rambling but I don't care. Hmmmmaybe I should write this as a fanfic...
don't worry you're not alone... we all want her to write another book ^o^
yes,of course


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