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dear team Edward fans...

are we really this desperate?? like really??

This lady was caught on camera stealing an Edward Cullen cutout.


and it wasnt even like, one of the ones on sale. it was part of the display that she just ripped off!!


lmao. i laughed so hard when i saw this.

some people will definitely go that extra mile...




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OMG is right,LOL!! I guess we "Team Edward" are the most devoted/obsessed fans(some CRAZIER then others), but at least it gives the "rest of us fans" something to laugh about!! I wonder if Robert Pattinson has heard about this CRAZY woman,lol!
Lol ha! Me too!! What would he say? Hmmmm
shes got guts tho.but hay come on she could of just paid for a poster like the rest of us has to...its not even a lifesize pic did she not think that someone may see her with a mega size edward in her arms .u got to mad is this.oh the shame of it.hope it dont put the rest of us edward/rob fans in a bad light we anit all like that i mean like most of us DO PAY FOR OUR PHOTOS/POSTERS ETC
Agreed! We alll aren't like this!!
She's definitely crazy, but she went home with Edward :D
True. Lol
Way to go crazy edward-stealing lady! xD
I seen girls taking pictures with the life size posters blocking Bella. It is actually pretty funny to watch.
omg, thats soo mean!!! i wonder what Kristen would say to that. lol.
i wonder too what Rob would say. heck he has probably seen worse LOL! but dang lucky lady. RUN RUN! haha
lol!! runn!!!!!!


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