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Our fellow team edward passed away aug.8 due to cancer and i dont know what to do or offer her as a tribute for her. Her name is Maria Inoue ''®crybhabygirl®" for the rest to know. Maybe by this we can send our prayers for her. Ill show this discussion for her family when i get to her memorial. Thank you team edward. Love you always my friend our ®crybhabygirl®...

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This was a beautiful idea Seth, thank you, a wonderful outlet for all of us. I would certainly like to remember Maria a/k/a crybhabygirl, she brightened my nights with her posts. She was a strong and brave young women, always so positive, 23 is way too young to go. She was so upbeat that I had no idea her condition was this serious, though we all started to wonder this past week. I am comforted by knowing her suffering has come to an end but sad to think I will never communicate with her again. Maria, along with you and her family, will be in my thoughts and prayers. May God comfort and bless all of you.
This time im with my friend's last day before we set her free to join the waves of nature. Life is short and we dont own it. Cherish and live your life to the fullest. My friend ill miss you. The bravest and most happiest girl i've met. You always makes us happy. Youre my inspiration. Youre my guidance. Youre my idol. Youre the most beautiful woman i've met(even if you dont have any hair after the chemo). Its an honor to have you and shared life with you. Our friendship will be forever. Let the wind take you to places you dreamed to. Please if you met our creator tell him to enlighten me at this time of mourning. We love you sister. We all miss you. Have a wonderful journey with him dont worry ill be stronger the next time you see me. See you when i get there. So long my dear. Take my kisses with you.
Very beautiful Seth, I can see your heart is spilled all over that piece of love you have wrote for her. She sounds like she was great. :)
The butterfly flew up in the air and went as high as the clouds and our eyes to see. She will meet her creator and kissed his hand and sleep on her virgin mother's lap. Sleep well bhaby for he'll take away the pain. forever.
I will miss Maria. Whenever she and I chatted she was ALWAYS so happy and positive and wam. It wasn't till after a few days of talking that she told me about her not being able to have kids and the reason behind it all. I did not know how serious things really were til the day she went to the hospital this last time. It wasn't til then that I was able to find out how serious her condition was. I remember our last conversation so well. She was wishing that she could fall asleep in Edward/Rob's arms and I posted the pic of Bella and Edward lying in the meadow.

That was the last pic that I posted for her before she went offlline. Since then I have thought of and prayed for her every day. To hear this news tonight broke my heart and shatter me to pieces. I will miss her spirit. She was kind, sweet, loving and funny. Rest in peace Maria. I can't type anymore. The tears are really coming now. I know that I will have more to say but not now.
hello maria's family,i did not know maria but she sill seemd like family to me,i am very soryy for your loss,i sent my love and regarurds to her page i will put it here,
i send my love and praryers for you and maria,i hope u are going to do well even with your loss,im soryy agian and send my love and prayers agian,
god bless,all of team edward
I didnt know Maria but its such a sad loss for any family, my thoughts are with them at this difficult time, and only hope shes gone to a better place where there is no more pain for her, and now she can watch out for Rob for us as Im sure she will be an Angel in the heavens above xxx God Bless
I did not know her but this site is very passionate and we are all like a family. My prayers are with her and her family may she rest beautifully in peace.
Oh my god. Are you sure? Rhissa youre killing me now! What happened to her? Why am i the last to know? Call me back when you read this.
i didnt know tilla bout a half hour ago read the little thingy up there ^^ it will say wat happend to her
I'm so sad to read this news. Please let her family know how loved she was here and how much she'll be missed.
You will be greatly missed Maria/Crybhaby. Your family here will be praying for yours for comfort and strength in the days ahead. You are no longer called Crybhaby you are Angelbaby!!


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