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Our fellow team edward passed away aug.8 due to cancer and i dont know what to do or offer her as a tribute for her. Her name is Maria Inoue ''®crybhabygirl®" for the rest to know. Maybe by this we can send our prayers for her. Ill show this discussion for her family when i get to her memorial. Thank you team edward. Love you always my friend our ®crybhabygirl®...

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I had the honor of chatting with her when she was on very bright and funny loveable person. We can all be sure that she is in a much better place, happy place we will all miss her.
Maria will be dearly missed be everyone and my heart goes out to her and her family. Sometimes when someone passes away, I like to think that they are up in heaven discovering all of lifes little secrets and mysteries like stonehenge or the bermuda triangle. So I'm sure she has uncovered all the secrets of the world. May she rest in peace.
RIP Maria! We are all a big family here so even though I didn't know her my heart still hurts for a lost one! My prayers are with her family in this very difficult time!
My prayers and thoughts go out to the family
May she rest in peace.
I didn't know her. But all my condolences go out to her family and I hope they will get through this difficult time.
All my love and prayers go out to Maria and her family.She died to young and I am sure she is up in heaven now watching over us all. Team Edward...

my deepest sympathy goes out to her family.23 is too young to go. i never actually got to talk her but may God bless her and greet her with open arms
Dear sweet Cry,
I only knew you for the shortest of time and you still managed to leave a significant imprint on me. Know now that you were loved and will be loved for a long time. No more suffering and no more pain, trust that where you are now you will be happy and loved all the more.

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Although I did not know Maria I am so sorry for your loss. It is sad to see someone leave us at such a young age. I pray that she is at peace now & in a happier place.
sending thoughts of ~loving-kindness~
Seth..........I just stopped by to show our sorrow over the loss of our BELOVED MARIA


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