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It was finally confirmed last week that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn would be split into two films like Summit Entertainment had hoped for. But now there’s a question of logistics: how tough will it be to sign Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner onto the second Breaking Dawn movie? Because they only ever signed a contract for four movies.

Now, obviously, they all want to do it (and not just because Twilight fans would hate them forever if they didn’t). But this is Hollywood, and they’re all much bigger stars than they were two years ago, so you can bet their agents will try to get them some hefty raises. Taylor Lautner, for example, will get paid $7.5 million for the drama Northern Lights — so why shouldn’t he get $7.5 million for another Breaking Dawn movie? And if so, shouldn’t Rob and Kristen get that much too?

Summit certainly has the money. Do you think the cast deserves more money, or should they just sign the contracts and get it over with already?

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I think what the agents will fight for may depend on how they are received on the other movie projects. I know they are big hits in Twilight Saga, but they are not considered 'A' list as of yet. They can't open a blockbuster movie on their name alone.
When that happens they will get hefty raises. Wait and see what happens with the other projects.
They are getting older too and it is tougher to pull off 17 when you are 25. Rob being the oldest I think born in 86 and the film hasn't started shooting, I suppose they want to get to it as fast as they can.
I think the same way. They should get more since Summit has profited so much from them but
I think the sooner they are able to work out the finner details, the better. Makeup can only do so much
and they all have other progects, I'm sure.

I am glad that it will be broken into two movies so that we get to see more of what we read.
There would be so much lost if it was squeesed into one. As for filming it as a whole,
I dont know if that would work out so well. It will be worth waithing for though, just hope
it isn't quite so long in between.
before the filming of breaking dawn they will be asked to sign a contract to do both of the movies... but i heard that if even though they are breaking it up in to toe movies that its still one whole movie so thats not a break in contract they still have to do it
I think they should just sign the contracts already. A lot of people would get mad if they didn't do the movie. So I really don't see any point in them really thinking it over.
Yes, I agree, we need to see them all. I am about to see New Moon for the third time, to get my Edward/Bella, Jacob fix. Just cannot get enough of them. Hopefully they will be true to us fans and alll will continue in the movie
I agree, they need to get more money. The now are much more popular and have a huge fan base. Without them not sure what the movie would be like. Hope they sign. How can we help?


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