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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Rio de Janeiro Workers (Pictures)

I want to know why his hair looks black when it is meant to be bronze?

Situated overseas for work duties,  Robert Pattinson was spotted rehearsing a scene for “Breaking Dawn” in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday (November 7).

The Edward Cullen stud joined cast and crew members as he was joined by a Bella Swan double as he readied to shoot the day’s scenes before later teaming up with co-star girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

In related news, recent reports tell that Rob recently turned down a $2 million offer to be the face of ­Burberry.

A source told the Sunday Mirror, “Head designer Christopher Bailey and the Burberry team were desperate to sign Robert as the main person in their new campaign. It would grace all their stores worldwide and be
in all the best ­publications. They went to ­Robert but he ­immediately,
politely, turned them down.”

The insider added, “As far as Robert sees things he’s an actor by trade and that’s his art. He doesn’t want to start becoming a brand or anything. Burberry really hoped Robert would do it. They know he wears
Burberry occasionally and he’s met Christopher and the team before. They
only wanted him. Robert’s look would have been perfect so they’re back
to square one.”

Enjoy the pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart hard at work in Rio (November 7).

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Love It.
I love it too!
Nice pix.
Ok I have to ask if anyone has the answer to this. I am going through my head about the book Breaking Dawn where does it say that they are walking down the street? Also why isn't Edward wearing a wedding ring hopefully they fix that glitch before there done.
OMG, claire i so wanted to start this discussion. even i have some links nd photos related to this, so do u mind if i add them here. Also in ur paragraph u mentioned "The Edward Cullen stud joined cast and crew members as he was joined by a Bella Swan double", shouldn't that be bella cullen, now they r married. lol!!! just saying.
Hey and in 2-3 pics there's some other girl wearing the same dress like Bella, is she a substitute?????
I just copied it and pasted it from somewhere else never really payed that much attention lol
Guys heres the link to many other pics of them
@ claire, i think it because the light!! lolz But Idk too..
@ Lisa, I'm understand about that but like everyone know,some part in the movie never same like with the books.


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