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if someone was holding a gun to your face and asked if you believed in god..... what would you do:

OPTION 1:Say no and feel ashamed for the rest of you life....
OPTION 2:or say yes and die for godd...>

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option 2
option 2. What would you choose???
Agreed, plus it wouldnt be a total lie cuz i dont really believe in god
i would say no ,but i would feel bad. also, i wouldn't feel bad for the rest of my life because i no our god ,jesus, would forgive me. :)
I would say whatever God guided me to say. Maybe I would be meant to die at that time or maybe not. I would trust in the divine and allow what was meant to be said, be said
I would have to asked the one holding the gun if they belived. How I see it is there is one god/dess. We just see him/her in different ways.
sometimes I believed in god and sometimes not.
but if I die today, I thought it was my destiny and I'm not die for god
why should you feel ashamed for NOT beleiving in god...???
yes that is right god is our father and we should die for you to be ashamed of "i LOVE HIM 4 EVA"
you shouldn't feel ashamed. but you should be happy where ever you are and if you dont belive in god its none of my bisness. just have a wonderful life its yours not mine, follow your heart.
option 2 im not afraid to die or of death and anyone who is saved by the grace of god wouldnt be afraid to die.
OPTION 3: That's between me and my higher power, and not for anyone else to judge


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