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so ive read on and found out irinas character but most importantly renesmees now idk if its true but when i saw a pic of her i was just OMIGOD SHE IS ADORABLE just look her up on google images and write ur responses here.

ps:in my opinion she looks like a smaller version of bella but thats just me. =]

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I think she is as perfect for the role as we're going to get, as far as looks and adorable-ness go. :]

They have the effects to make her look younger, so I honestly think it would take a lot to beat her out of this role...

Now, if she gets signed, I just hope she can act the part. If she can do that, I'm a fan.
She is adorable! With the technology they have these days I don't doubt that they can make this work for her to have the part! She really does look like there kid! Thanks for sharing! If she can act then Ill love her even more!
i think so
I think she would be great. She's adorable! And I looked at her official website last night and it showed a small video with clips of her appearances. She's going to be PERFECT! She's got the high voice, she seems to love to dance (and is good at it), and she seems to be a pretty good actress. I'm sure you can search for some videos of her on youtube. She was on a recent Pantene commercial that was out last year. The woman and girl were dressed in white and they were both playing around with each other's hair.


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