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who here was mad when edward left bella i mean i was but i saw what he was doing he was trying to protect her but still who was mad at edward and who started crying when edward tried killing himself when he thought bella died that was soo sad and sweet i know i started crying!!

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i burst into tears even rwhen i reread it and i know whats gonna happen i still cry
I cried when i read that part!
New Moon is my fav book!
and i'll cry again at the movie
I'll cry at the film too.
I wasn't happy with him at all. But I don't like Jacob at all either. I'm glad Edward came back into the picture
I didn't hate him for leaving Bella.. I know he was doing it for her sake... but I was still sad...& soo happy when they finally reunited in Italy..
same :)
same here guys.
i totally did
I was very sad when he left her, and because of the huge void that was left (and the lack of Edward/Bella interaction because of it) New Moon is my least favourite book of the Saga.

I did get very emotional at the part of the book when she was running to save him.

I think the movie will be great because it will cut out a lot of the drag.
yes,, a very gud book indeed...
I got all mad at him and I was like "are you stupid?" but he had to do it for her safety. Loved the part when she found him while she was running through the carnival! I can't wait to see that part in the movie! I think that this movie is going to be better than Twilight!
No, is it online yet? I'm desparate, lol ^.^


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