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This is a picture of the adorable Renesmee Cullen (Makenzie Foy)


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Look, why are talking about how it's real or fake. Your picture is completley fake as well. It's the actress atleast, and you are harsh, such a hater
Well, you may not intend to speak rudely. I understand, but I still think there could've been a nicer way of applying it, plus I can't change the title. I only had 15 min, to change it. Your previous apology still came back as "back talk". I have no meaning of making an enemy, so I'm done here. Okay.
Ugh, I'm sorry guys on it shows it was an old fashion photo shoot, that looks similar to the one in Eclipse. But, that is the actor, Makenzie Foy. She still does look like Bella & Edward. Although it is not a real, actual picture featuring in Breaking Dawn. :'( Sorry..
Aww, I Guess This Film WILL Be Good Afterall :)
That is a pic she took for Garret Hill that is not an official pic of Renessme. Check out they will give you the full detail.
I'm done, I'm sorry, for the way I acted. I understand if I went overboard. Oh, and by the way, with respect, it's Carlisle, not carlie
Oh yeah, sorry. I lost my train of thought when I read that. Sorry..
omg,she is adorable so, so cute ohh its a gr8 choice 4 her  2 do that role


She's too mature here than what the book describes her to be!Nevertheless not bad!But then, I thought of more stunning cuteness and  all kneedown when you see her!


I agree, I still like Renesmee, but she should be younger.


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