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I was watching and i saw previews for a movie called Vampires Suck it completly makes fun of twilight! like a team jacob fan hits a team edward fan with a shovel. jacob turns into a chihauh not a wolf,and the butt crack santa dude thinks laurant,victoria,and james are the beatles. its horrable!!!!!! their just a bunch of twilight haters!!! look it up!

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I agree that does suck and it is only the people that hate twilight but they need to get a life and grow up. If you don't like twilight than don't watch and don't have anything to do with it. There is to many twilight fans that the hates shouldn't even be talked about. That way they will go away and leave lovers of twilight alone. Let them have their fun but I don't see it doing all that good.
actually i thought the jacob thing was kind of funny haha but yea i did see that i was like omg nobody better go see that i dnt want them making any money thats the most horrible movie ever why would you make fun of twilight its stupid
I actually think the movie looks funny, but I won't give them my money. I don't want to support anything that spins Twilight in the negative. They know that if they put the word Twilight in it , then it will make money. That's all they are doing, trying to make money. They will not be getting any of mine!
i agree i saw it last night and thought it was just a joke commercial but then saw it again today and was so totally disgusted that anyone could make a movie like that. i really hope that nobody goes to see it and they pull it out of theaters. i know that they make fun of other movies like those ones that they made crap can't think of the name of them but they make fun of different movies but this is a total waste of money to make fun of a really good movie. just urks me and makes me really sad that any celeb would agree to do this project.
Hey i saw that iam gonna start a discussion on here about that what a bunch of **** we need to start making fun of Harry Potter or something.
Haha actually i kinda like it in a a happy and open-minded person so i dont see it bad..i enjoyed it and leave me with big laugh everytime i watch its depends on who's watching so if you are the twilight loyalist well dont watch it..but they always makes fun of jacob so its a
Yeah, that's what I think.
When I saw the trailer I couldn't believe that people
actually like it...
Well, I don't like that kind of movies anyway, when they just
make fun of other movies.
I love Twilight!!!
I really hate vampires suck, I'm not going to watch that movie.
Well much better if they just put it on ill sure bet there'll be bunch of twihards going to throw dirt on the theaters if they start showing on the said date..haha
You got that right Kristen!
I also agree... I've read all the parodies of Twilight (tho I was very disappointed in Nightlight) just to get a little bit of my "fix" without over-doing it on the saga...I'm probably gonna wait until somebody I know gets it on DVD tho so I don't have to blow $$ in case it's as bad as some of their other spoofs. "Vampires Suck" is (IMO) their way of pointing out the obsessiveness we Twi-Hards feel, and giving a way to vent for those ppl who DON'T like Twilight... I know, it's hard to believe, but there are ppl out there who don't like the books and/or movies... and look at it this way, ppl who refuse to see Twilight but go see VS will have more reason the see the Twilight movies, so they can get the jokes! :)
Exactly kristen exactly..that's what im pointing out..its hilarious and just like what i always say "sometimes we need to take a break from our our energy for coz there'll be two more movies to the best for last..:):):)


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