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This idea has just come to me. Almost Twilighters are female. Boys don't like it so much. Everyboy in my class hasn't read TwiSaga and the only one who read it ( my best friend) has just read 4 chaps and then throw it away and say it's very boring. And I think if there were some Male Twilighters, they'd be in Team Bella. Are there anyone in this team male? Please answer.

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No, Im a female - BUT i know a two 16 yr old boys who both like the film (have 2 admit they dont read much).
I am also sad 2 ay that if u haventheard already, David Slade the director for Ecipse has ried to ake it more guyfriendly. O GR8! C'mon. Eclipse is my fave in the series (i think...) and te only 1 wiv more romance in is Breakng Dawn - PLZ DONT RUIN ECLIPSE. x
My husband likes the films but hasn't read the books (he hates reading).
urmm i dunno.... im female and im trying to get my (incredably unwilling) boyfriend to watch the film and then the books, he hates reading and thinks that book should be a swearword though :(

hes also put anything to do with twilight in his swearword collection lolz will try hardest to convert him XD xx
Hi guys anyone who loves Edward can join this site! The best part is no1 is allowed to say anything mean about Edward!

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My mates fella is a huge fan of Twilight. There are male fans about it, just think they are a bit wary about announcing it to the world, lol!
I'm female but my husband, my sister's husband my son her son and grandson are twilight fans, also my daughter and her boyfriend. It's kind of like a family thing. We've seen Twilight and New Moon and are looking forward to Eclipse. We have our team Edward hoodies and we are also team Rob. My sister and myself are the most obsessed with the whole thing, we talk about it daily but we're lucky our husbands are not overly jealous so they are understanding, and just poke a little fun at us when we get too vocal at family gatherings. And we all have a lot of fun with the twilight board games.


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