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I long for the day when Midnight Sun will be published, there's so much edward has to say which will only get told with midnight sun is published in full. But also a novel dedicated to the Volturi would be amazing anyone agree?

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! WE NEED MIDNIGHT SUN, THERE IS SO MUCH THAT WE COULD UNDERSTAND AND ENJOY - I have read the 13 chapters Steph has given us on her website, but she needs to complete it.  She owes it to all her fans and to us EDWARDIANS especially!!

I know!!

I agree. I want to know how they came to be what they are.

Midnight Sun would be amazinggg <33 i think it should be based off of Edward Bella and Renesmee<33 i think it would be really cute! i wish the saga didnt need to end!

YES!!! Shephenie PLEASE FINISH IT!!!! I want to read it!!!

A book about the Volturi like when Carlisle was with them...? That would be cool. I want Midnight Sun so bad :'(


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