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Does anyone know if Stephanie Meyers plans on finishing Midnight Sun? I am a huge Edward fan and I would love to hear the story from Edward's point of view.


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Thanks for everyones thoughts. I recently read all four books and was wondering why she didn't include Edward's point of view in any of the books like she did for Bella and Jacob. I had a friend tell me about Midnight Sun and was so excited about it until I got to her website and discovered what had happened. But, I also noticed the posting was over a year ago. So, I hope she does or has changed her mind. I would love it!
Yes, I read online a few weeks ago that SM is continuing Midnight Sun and it should be released late 2010 or early 2011
I really hope she does. I attempted my own version of New Moon in Edward's P.O.V :D
i dont think she is finishing it she only did the first 13 chapters, and its great if you havent read it
yes she planz on finishing it..there r plenty of sites where u can find copies of it..but i heard she will b changing it around since itz online without hur permission..
nobody know about,i just wait and keep waiting for the midnight sun to be released,hopefully!
me too
midnight sun will be the best by far!!i read the partial and it was amazing!!!she should publish it!!it is a wonderful opportunity to see edward's POV!!i am searching for interviews to see if she'll finish it but nothing!!:/
me too but I don't if she is or not sorry!


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