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Does anyone know if Stephenie is going to finish Midnight Sun?  I went to her site and read the draft she has on there.  In case you don't know Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edwards prespective.  Please let me know if you have any info on this.  Thanks.

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I did a discussion on this. She says she is pretty burnt out with vampires right now but she will get to it one day.
We keep hoping, but like many have already said, the more pressure she is under to finish it, the less likely she will ever be able to get "back in the groove" as it were... All we can do is hope and dream... and keep reading the saga over and over and over.... :)
Yeah she said she wants to continue it but with eveyone demanding this book she said she feels her mind feels to crowded? And she cant force herself into writing something.I have been reading the rough draft again I started yesterday late at night and yeah it's my second time reading it. Love It!
Thanks everyone. I have to admit. I haven't even read any of the other books yet. This was the 1st thing I read from Stephenie. I'm starting Twilight tomorrow. Hopefully it's just as good.
Me too. Ive watched all the movies and only Midnight Sun but without Edward's side of the story or even Jacob's for that matter this story would be begging for to end.
I can't imagine SM not completing this is intensely more powerful than twighlight. If she chooses not too, I think it would be a huge mistake...there is so much insight from Edwards perspective. She should at least do it because of the passion of the twilight fans.
She did admit she works best under pressure!
I just finished it and really enjoyed it. It just added more insight. The funny thing is I started over on Twilight and was reading Midnight Sun at the same time. That was great!!
I wish she'll finish it for the sake of the twilight saga fans.
I also read the draft it's really nice.
I hope she keep going to finish it.
I can't wait to know what Edward thinks every now and then.
Whats myers website soi can read the draft


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