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Does anyone know if Stephenie is going to finish Midnight Sun?  I went to her site and read the draft she has on there.  In case you don't know Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edwards prespective.  Please let me know if you have any info on this.  Thanks.

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the host was a fantastic book! A little slow at the beginning, but typical for SM she hooked you and then I couldn't put it down. amazing insight into the minds of her characters and she also wrote a sub-final chapter giving the perspective from melanie. i was so excited to find this bonus at the end of the host. thank you SM!!!!
I also heard she might finish it, but it would be awhile. I am reading it now. I really like it.
Her mom is going on at her to finish it so go stephanies mom!! I love midnight sun and would love to see it finished
That would be so cool! I finished ready it and it made the Twilight book seem so much more rounded. It would be so cool if she did that with all of the books!!!


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