The Twilight Saga

heyy, just wondering is there any news on how midnight suns coming along or roughly when its due out. or is it undecided yet??


thanks xx

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There has been no update on her site since the 28 Aug 09 so I don't think she is working on it as yet. Hopefully she will finish it as it is very good.
ohh oks thank you :)

fingers crossed (yn) xx
Hi guys anyone who loves Edward can join this site! The best part is no1 is allowed to say anything mean about Edward!

Visit Edward lovers
sounds awsome :P xx
thanks! and if you could get more people to join it won't be as dead as it is now so please pass it on to any1 that loves Edward!
okks, try posting it on every thread/discussion :)

or you could make a new thread for it :) xx
well I sent a message to everyone in the group, did u get one?
yeahh i did :) xx
The Stephanie Meyer website talks about this. :)


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