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Just wondering why nobody has mentioned the 5th book here? If you don't know about it Stephanie has written the first 12 chapter and I do have it saved on my puter and willing to share with you.

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i just read 2 chapters of midnight sun.. and i loved it!
I read them all and still has me begging for more!!!
you and me both, because I'm loving the books and just never want them to end!!!
it is great!!! i hope that she will finish it because it is really nice!!!!!!
I do know what you mean, especially when you start reading these books, then you never want t o put them down
i have read it for 5 times and i can't believe that she stopped it before the meadow scene...please SM!!!write faster.............
I started reading it and it is very good. I wonder when will the rest of the book come out. Or can you post it up here becuase it is really good.
I check often to see if they've added more but nothing yet, if they ever do then yes I will be posting it here for everyone
This book is realy the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didnt even know there was a book 5. i cant wait till it comes out.
I just recently realized what all this Midnight Sun was a bout. Have not read it yet but can't wait!


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