The Twilight Saga

hav you guys read midnight sun,the draft anyway?

you should its so awsome u can leave your coments below


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edward is really a tricky character.. i mean, being in his head we can see his personal struggle wit love and thirst, after all hes a vampire! but its nice to see how stronger he gets and by being stronger he can be next to her.. i mean, hes amaizing!!!
No i have not read it. I am a loyale Stephenie Meyer fan and she has asked her fans not to read it. So I will wait patiently until Stephenie decides when or if she will officially publish it.
even though i would love it. i don think they will make a movie out of this one cause it is pretty much the first movie
the more of edward the better
Yea but they should definitly wait until Stephenie decides to publish it though. She probably wouldnt let them if she didnt.....
i have read Midnight Sun and i cant wait till she finishes it.
YES, i read it a few times already - I loved it. It was really good to get Edward's perception and feelings - makes me love him all the more:-) felt kinda guilty though - I must admit - pity that it was leaked. Hope that Stephanie Meyer finishes it.


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