The Twilight Saga

hav you guys read midnight sun,the draft anyway?

you should its so awsome u can leave your coments below


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im srry its copy righted before i opend it it said ''this is copyrighted this doesnot give you the right to copy this''
i couldnt se it then i checked the parental controls and switched the see meduim websited to all and t worked so check that then see if it works
I loved Midnight Sun... I really hope SM finishes it!!! It was a wonderful experience to be in Edwards head instead of Bellas... I felt like I understood things better as to why Edward says and does some of the things he does.
ya i totally agree.....the first chp is more than amazing its jusss awesummmmmmmm
yes I have and I loved it. Wished that people wouldn't of leaked it I would of loved to have finished it. Maybe one day, one day.
same here guys to both :)
I read it, and I loved it! I finished it would fascinate me! I'm dying to know more and more and more of edward! ♥♥♥♥♥
yeah i have..n i m really looking forward for its completion..really can't wait!!
nice use of words lol
Love This!!! Clever!!!
Yeah, I read it and its AWESOME I love
Edward and I love to know more, about what
his thinking all the time.
its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great..........wooooow
ilove it sooooooooooooo much its wonderful..........u can see Edward by himselfe not through bella's...
its great.......


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