The Twilight Saga

i found a websire of the author of twilight and if hasnt seen these yet let me know but im reading the unfinish book midnight sun the five book to twilight saga the book is the story of twilight through edwards eyes.... so far its really good im at the part were bella first comes in to the biology class and edward getts the weird look on he's face....

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ah yeah is that on her blog?? I read that. Was majorly PO'd when I came to the end.....

I'm actually re-reading Midnight Sun now...
Yeah. I have read it. I wish she could just finish it!! :)
its kind of sad that shes not going to finish it..
She didn't say that she wouldn't finish it but that she wants to wait.
the two different blog pasting i read of hers is that if she finishes it she just going to rewrite it..
I read recently that she is working on it now, since The Host is completed...I recall having read somewhere that Midnight Sun is her next project...Here's hoping :)
i rode it
it's so beautifull
but ....


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