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if u came upon a situation that either u can have a midnight sun book or u can see the new moon movie AND AFTER CHOOSING U CAN'T OPT FOR THE ALTERNATE ONE FOR LIFETIME EVER(even if you've the vampiric age: )) which one you'll choose

I'll definitely choose the book.i desperately need to know abt Edwards feeling toward Bella.really it'll be way cooler than Bella's thought due to his hearing capabilities.well we all can imagine rob,Taylor n Kristen in new moon.but real Edwards feelings can't be deciphered without Stephenie Meyer.




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of course midnight sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...... i'm dying to read thatttttt
yeah i know u r just as desperate as we all by looking at ur n's: )
yeah we all r dying and i bet midnight sun will be more cooler than twilight.: )
Midnight sun def. because you get edwards point of view as well as everyone elses since he can read minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is soooo true!!!!!!!
definitely MIDNIGHT SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see Bella through Edwards eyes!!!!!
definetely the book!! i can see the movie later.
Midnight sun hands down !!
I've been able to read chapters 1-8 and i crave more :)
lol but midnight sun
but its 12 chap.haven't u read the rest???
Midnight sun...i'm obsessed with it...I'm even trying to write it all so I can read it anytime I want...I wish it would be finished soon...
are u posing it in fanfic??? plz i really like to read it.
Midnight Sun no question ( I've read the 12 chapters and they r awesome).
But the think is that I loved to read Edward's point of view at New Moon.
What's he thinking, what's his feelings after he left, what's he doing now that Bella hanging around with Jacob.
Edward's point of view only in Twilight it's not enough!


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