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if u came upon a situation that either u can have a midnight sun book or u can see the new moon movie AND AFTER CHOOSING U CAN'T OPT FOR THE ALTERNATE ONE FOR LIFETIME EVER(even if you've the vampiric age: )) which one you'll choose

I'll definitely choose the book.i desperately need to know abt Edwards feeling toward Bella.really it'll be way cooler than Bella's thought due to his hearing capabilities.well we all can imagine rob,Taylor n Kristen in new moon.but real Edwards feelings can't be deciphered without Stephenie Meyer.




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hey whoa whoa stop plz read my (yeah my condition is not true but still........)
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) ok i can't make so many smiley.imagine urself : )
the book
yeah me too who wouldn't.well any one who chose the movie well actually loves rob or Taylor more than Edward or Jake.: )well can't deny those guys.huh
high five : )
definitely midnight sun!!!!!!!!!!
go midnight sun.: )
i choose Midnight Sun!!! i'd love to be able to see/read Edward's point of view and how he feels.
yeah and the most plus point is we can even know what other people are thinking through edward (can't tell what kristen's thinking through rob hahaha)plus point eh?
Yeah. It would be very interesting to see Edward's feelings and all things and situations he had been going through. The New Moon book, shows us Bella's thoughts, and we can only imagine what is in Edward's mind. It's a little bit frustrating. So, I hope we will able to wait for Edward's point of view.
midnight sun, of course!!!!!.. i play it all in my head when im reading the books so i can go ahead and do tha with new moon, but edward is so deep, and intense..i definitely need to know everything he's thinking of... plus, im a fan of the saga, the story, edward(the character), not the actors...even though im totally in love with robert pattinson but i think thats because i see him as edward cullen!

I agree, I have saw pattinson and OMG he´s cute, but seeing him as my beloved Edward, that makes him completly perfect!!! And of course I´d choose the book, I already read the first 12 chapters and I cant wait to read more, I am beggin that stephanie could continue writting. pd: sorry my english, I from Colombia but I wish I had explained myself :D:D:D


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