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Ok, so my mom is Team Jacob and i'm on Team Edward and we always argue about whose better. My argument is that Jacob didn't imprint on Bella so when he imprinted on someone he would leave her and break her heart like Sam and Leah. Yes i like Jacob but i think he's better with Nessie than with Bella. My mom is stuck on the fact that Edward's a vampire and she thinks he's a monster.

Anybody else's families that way???? See i think alot of like older people are team Jacob because all of my mom's friends are Team Jacob....... What are your thoughts

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I totally agree! My moms on team jacob 2 and i cant stand it! She is only on his team beacuse he saved Nessie by imprinting on her. I mean he did save her but....................... he is just to weird. I like hime but i like edward alot better!

My mom is team jacob too. Why do moms all seem to like jacob? :(

I am a mom and I loooovvve

I think that moms, just like mine, think that "Edward is ugly and sparkles, but Jacob is hot." That is my mom always says, lol

If Edward is monster, why does she think that Jacob is not?

I mean Jacob is werewolf, and Edward is a vampire.. Edward is not a bad vampire, and I think he does much harder job keeping himself not to harm people than the Jacob does.. I think that's quite hard, and I think people should think about that...

I agree about impriting, he would break Bella's heart, and if he haven't imprint on her on the first sight, well that means he is not actually in love with her... Jacob has just one important task in story - to destroy Bella's and Edward's love..

My opinion .. :DD

Thank you!!! i'm gonna show this to my mom..... like i said i like jake but he's just not right for bella

Hehe, no problems.. :)

He is also somehow very selfish in my opinion.. I mean, if Bella have chosen Edward, why is he trying to ruin their relationship? I mean really, if he honestly loves Bella, he would let her be happy with Edward, if that's what she wants, and if that is what makes her happy.. 

I'm not against Jake as well, but thats just facts..

exactly ;) And he kissed her! without her permission! i'm kinda glad she hit him  but i wish it had more affect on him..... he deserved it!

I think Jacob is jealous about Edward for Bella always chooses Ed not him. But as Bella's best friend, he did imprint her. Edward loves Bella TRUELLY! Do you remember what Ed said when Jacob told him' she might still choose me'? Edward said: Then I will let her go. So he is the true mate who loves Bella all the time. By the way, is the picture from the Vampire Diary? Stephen?

ya its stephen! love him! not more than damon though..........and not more than edward of course!

i know right! kissing her was way out of line! and someone should have givin him a wake up call saying " bella is edwards deal with it!you will find someone else"!

even though that someone else was a baby (shiver) lolz.....................

if she thinks edwards a monster then jacob is one too and bella was never in love with jacob she just loved him so him imprinting on nessie didnt hurt her in that way


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