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Ok, so my mom is Team Jacob and i'm on Team Edward and we always argue about whose better. My argument is that Jacob didn't imprint on Bella so when he imprinted on someone he would leave her and break her heart like Sam and Leah. Yes i like Jacob but i think he's better with Nessie than with Bella. My mom is stuck on the fact that Edward's a vampire and she thinks he's a monster.

Anybody else's families that way???? See i think alot of like older people are team Jacob because all of my mom's friends are Team Jacob....... What are your thoughts

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I am 49 years old and I am team Edward. Jacob is too young and immature. Edward is very romantic and older. I don't think all older people are team Jacob. 

I agree. I am Team Edward, Team Vampire, and I am 42 years old. 

I really, really, really, really dislike Jacob in the extreme. What kind of older people are you talking about?

And my son, though he does not 'get' or like Twilight, still sticks up for Edward whenever I am watching a TTS movie or he might ask a question about the books and he is 12 years old.

Well, My mom is 32 and she and ALL of her friends are team Jacob and any other mom i have asked is team Jacob. My best friends mom says it's because Edward is over 100 years old and hes cold. idk. i guess they're all crazy. But on a show me and my mom watches, The Vampire Diaries, she's team Damon ( the vampire that the main character ISN'T with) i guess she always wants the opposite.

My mom is also Team Jacob, but I think it's just because I'm Team Edward. LOL!

Your point is true, though. If Bella ended up with Jacob there would have always been that threat that he could imprint on someone.

There's many other threats that Jacob never took seriously around Bella, too, such as his temper. If Jacob got too upset about something and lost control while Bella was too close or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time (which would be typical Bella fashion) then he would harm her, just like Sam did to Emily. Neither Jacob nor Bella ever took that seriously, whereas Edward was very, very careful about what he was and what he was capable of, always, even if he proved over and over he was strong enough.

Also, Jacob is too aggressive. Aside from being easily angered, he enjoys the kill a little too much, while Edward does not.

Jacob is a brand new, volatile, hot-headed werewolf who doesn't accept what he is and is arrogant; Edward is a century-old vampire with nearly perfect self-control over, not just his thirst, but his strength and speed as well, and who accepts what he is, but fights with all he has to be different, to be good; so both are very much considered 'monsters', but which one is really more dangerous to Bella at this point? And what makes a person more monster-like: their species or their character? (By the way, I'm not implying Jacob is a monster, either.)

Anyway, I like Jacob -- I think he'd be fun to hang out with, and he's a good friend to Bella -- but I don't think he would have been the right choice for Bella, who would have been stuck living on the reservation for the rest of her life, just another wolf wife watching sports with Billy and popping out puppies, while Jake ran patrol with his pack... And while Jake ran patrol with his pack, Bella's mind would always and forever wander right back to Edward, a fact which I don't think Jacob (unless he matures a lot over time) would ever accept. 

However, the Edward/Bella relationship, as perfect as it is not, is more compatible. Edward is intelligent, he's compassionate, he's mature, and he's forever a gentleman. That's the better match for Bella.

I love what you said here and I completely agree. :)

okay i sort of agree,but i really think that Jake would NEVER hurt Bella.not on acident and not on purpose,even with his temper.yeah Jacob has temper problems but he can control it,he would never hurt Bella.

There is an old saying, "There is no accounting for love," and Bella basically "imprinted" on Edward, falling head over heels in love with him (and he with her once he was able to refrain from draining her of all her blood)! IF (and that is a "BIG IF") all things had been equial - both Edward and Jacob had been human, I'd say Bella would have been better off with Jacob (a shape-shifter - NOT A WEREWOLF - his tribe is dedicated to protecting humans from bad vampires). But of course Edward had the edge, being a vampire. One could argue that SM used Edwards "going away to allow Bella to live her normal life" so that there could develop a closer contest between Edward and Jacob in Bella's mind. The way I looked at that was, Edward is supposed to be super-smart; however LEAVING THE WORLD'S BIGGEST KLUTZ AND MAGNET TO EVIL VAMPIRES ALONE was anything but smart on Edward's part!  I'm a 68 year old Native American, but not all "seniors" are Team Jacob. While I do like Jacob a lot...I just love stories about good vampires more! I just got my book, "Immortal Relations" listed on AMAZON, so that pretty much puts me in the pro-vampire camp (at least in the pro GOOD vampire camp)!

Is your book published under this name Guy Douglas Ogan? I would like to read it.

Thanks Robin, yes, that's me. My character is "Gary Logan" in "Immortal Relations" (big switch huh?). Since the book has explicit "togetherness" in addition to a LOT of other action, it is NOT FOR CHILDREN, or even prudish adults (a warning to that effect is on the first page after the title page)! If you read it, let me know what you think and any suggestions. I'm working on the second book right now and have a few ideas for the third. Thanks again!

I will look for your book on Amazon.

Thanks Robin, let me know if there is any problem finding my book, "Immortal Relations." Since you are going to try and order it, you understand it has explicit "adult content." That warning was placed on the first page after the title page. It isn't for the prudish either, even if they are adult in age, they would be shocked by the frank discussion of the vampires' sharing relationships.

I will let you know if it is too explicit for me. 


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